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Thread: Is Kloxo free ?

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    Is Kloxo free ?


    Is Kloxo (without HyperVM) free to use? Don't know if any license is reqd anymore?

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    Kloxo is only free if you have a HyperVM license. If you don't have a HyperVM license then it is not free. I did hear it may be going open source so you might want to wait a little.
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    Also Hypervm have a bad situation right now , due to some vulnerabilities. just check it from WHT/ google

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    Simply put:

    a) Don't get Kloxo, it has some vulnerabilities that haven't and won't be patched.
    b) There's no way to purchase it since the owner and only developer committed suicide.
    c) Even if you did manage to get a copy - the license servers could go off at any time, leaving you stranded since the panel won't operate.

    I heard about the open source but then also that the parents reconsidered - the father is a rather successful doctor and he doesn't want to have to deal with it, so it's probably less of a hassle for him to sell it to someone like Parallels than deal with the hassle of releasing it to open source, even though that's probably a better option and likely what the owner would have wanted (I recall seeing that he had said he would eventually release it to open source anyway)

    Take what I say with a grain of salt, since it's mostly from memory, but I believe some of it is on the HyperVM forums still, if they're still up.

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    Thanks guys. I installed Kloxo just to try before your replies. The licence shows "Ipaddress: no_license (" but its still working.

    Is this a trial?

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    It means You are not connected to the license server or you have installed the pro version.

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    I've installed and its still working. Don't know how...


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    Very interesting.

    The vulnerabilities dont really apply if your just use it mamange your own websites since a majority of them are related to malicious clients owning other clients files etc. So private use to manage your own websites is fine.
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    Yeah I use Kloxo to manage my bunch of sites rarely used once the sites are up & running. I find it very easy to manage since I'm just a beginner with linux.

    That is the reason I wanted to know if this free now or is it some kind of trial.

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    If it's free now, it won't be soon.

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