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    i need to backup my remote dedicated server with centos installed over ssh


    i have a dedicated server with rapidswitch. Few days back all my websites stopped working, due to some reason which i was not able to solve.

    NOw, i want to backup all the files stored on my server. Each and every file including the database and every file there on my server.

    I tried to log in through ssh on filezilla but i was not able to find out all the folders.

    I have putty and could login over ssh , but i don't know the commands to backup.

    Could, you guys tell me how to get all those files on my local computer.

    i also have cpanel/whm installed and that is working.

    Its very urgent.

    thanks in advance


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    Download WinSCP and use SFTP to download the files.
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    hi guys,

    well i had sorted my problem. i new winscp or filezilla , but the problem occurred as most of the softwares were logging me into the root folder but, i needed to go to the home directory. i found the homedirectory when i pressed the top folder with .... mark which guides you to the main files. Just need to press that and you are going to find all the files on your linux server.


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    If your websites aren't working, a simple restart of apache and mysql should work. You can do that through cpanel i believe. Alternatively, you just use root to reboot your system.

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