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    500 Internal Server Error on wordpress and some other script!!!

    My friend got a new vps as he had been experiencing ram issues with older host, now he has 1gb RAM, so there should be no trouble with the RAM

    He is getting 500 Internal Server error, he is using wordpress and some other image hosting script, the traffic is pretty high and he is using lighthttpd, fastcgi probably turned on

    I am not sure, if turning of lighthttpd and activating apache would solve any problem, as I am scared his scripts might get screwed up by doing this move and his main sites could totally go down

    so need suggestions to over come the problem for him...

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    Replacing Lighttpd by Apache can't help as Apache is (a lot) more resource intensive than Lighttpd.

    Are you sure the VPS has 1GB guaranteed RAM?

    I suggest you take a look at the WP plug-ins but I think you should hire an experienced admin or WP expert to fine tune the VPS.
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    thanks for the suggestion dothostel,
    I don't think there are more than 3-4 plugins installed when I last checked in admin panel, he had some similar posts plugin, add to any, google sitemap generator and 1 more.. I don't remember which one of it is, as his blog is of mainly pictures too, so it could be even the accessing pics causing the load
    any other tips or suggestions to overcome this problem plz ??

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    Check the error_log and try executing the script with 'strace -e open' as the user.

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    It is common practice high-traffic sites to use Lighttpd or Nginx as front-end Web servers, or Squid, serving static and cached content, and reverse proxy Apache as back-end when Apache is required by the application providing dynamic content. As the VPS is already running Lighttpd and it is serving mainly pics there is no reason to install Apache.

    Did you take a look at the number of open connections? If it is very high maybe you should try lower the keep-alive time.

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    Have you checked the load using the "w" command and the processes currently running using the "ps aux" command ? If you are sure its is by webserver please tail the error log in real time

    using tail -f "path to error log"

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    Quote Originally Posted by zacharooni View Post
    Check the error_log
    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ /me applauds z-man.

    Why bother conjecture as to what the problem is before you've checked the darn httpd error log? To the OP: If your friend is running both lighttpd and Apache, be sure to check both error logs. There is no doubt a smoking gun of a clue telling you either exactly what the issue is, or where to look next.
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