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    Charger isn't charging.


    Let me just say that my charger was working fine the night before and then in the morning when i plugged it into the main socket it the transformer box of the charger started to click. I never noticed that before then.

    When i went to plug it into the laptop nothing happened it just kept clicking and it won't charge my computer not at all which leaves my computerless of thereabouts.

    Do i spend the money on a new charger or is it something im missing?

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    Whats the exact charger model? I would do some also do some testing on the charger and battery to determine which is the culprit, but does sound like the charger.
    Good luck.

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    To me, it sounds like it's the charger. If it were the battery, it just wouldn't charge for you.

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    Charger, Thats probably the Capacitor Discharging, Does it Click, or sound like a CRT tv getting unplugged? or maybe a Fuse Blew in the transformer Ebay is the best place for Chargers, Radio shack sells it but its too overpriced

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    if you have a voltage meter (not so expensive), then you can check its output voltage. I have a charger that clicks sometimes before charging my laptop.

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