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    Domain Name Help

    I need some input on a couple of things regarding domain names.

    I am looking to buy 5 domains through godaddy but want to know if I can get my SSL cert through another company like namecheap?

    Also, would I only need one SSL cert since 4 of the 5 domains will be only forwarding to the 5th (main) domain?

    Thanks in advance.

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    yes and yes

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    Thank you much!

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    if you haven't bought yet, use the coupon code 199BUYCOM @ GoDaddy for $2 domains.

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    Thanks for the coupon code. I attempted to use the code and they would only apply it to one of my domains so I ended up getting my domains at namecheap (with a coupon for them) and actually ended up paying less and got a free SSL cert for each domain (even though I only needed one).

    As the saying goes: All is well that ends well.

    Thank you once again.

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