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    WHMCS does not support domains w/ "-" in their extensions

    Hi everyone!

    Have anyone of you, guys been experiencing any issues with WHMCS while adding domains with "-" in their extensions?

    I have. While trying to register a domain with extension ivano-frankivsk(.)ua I got "The domain you entered is not valid #" error message. Its tld is fine and to make sure, it's not on my end I've tried registering a couple of other domains with "-" including extensions:


    they failed as well, though all these extensions were added to WHMCS with no errors.

    The most interesting thing is that WHMCS support doesn't concern about that much. When I first contacted them and posted a thread on their forum to bug report, it was moved to client forum branch. The guy made a couple of suggestions which have never been helpful. Then another thread was submitted, the WHMCS guys have simply removed that. After that I decided to contact them directly via a ticket, but they have closed it without any reason.

    I'm at a loss really and what pisses me off most, is their carelessness. Sure, each software may have bugs, but each developer team MUST be capable of resolving it... or telling their customers... at least something.

    I do understand, that such domain zone problem is not topical for Europe and US users, but all the others seem to be very interested in getting this bug fixed, as multilingual domain registration is rather widespread as among China, Japan as among the countries of the former Soviet Union.

    Any assistance or suggestion would be highly appreciated.

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    Hi kazus,

    I thought I am the only one to be that "lucky". I had the very same issue while trying to register a couple of Cyrillic domains. I have posted message about this problem to WHMCS forum, but still not have good answer.

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