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    * [UK] QuadCore Dell Servers X3220/4GB RAM/500GB HDD + FREE DRAC4 + MORE

    We provide stable and quality dedicated servers, hosted out of Spectrum House in the United Kingdom.

    This month we are doing a batch of superb Dell Poweredge 860's. To make the deal even sweeter, we are including DRAC4 (Dell Remote Access Console) giving you the ultimate in control over your machine. Instant power cycles + permanent FREE KVM/IP access.

    These servers are in stock (excluding HDDs) and can be setup <24hrs depending on what time you order.

    Why host with us?
    • Trading for over 3 years, we are stable and not going anywhere
    • We are a small company allowing us to deliver a personalised service
    • We own our hardware and do not resell other companies hardware
    • Leading Enterprise-class Dell Hardware
    • 99.9% SLA on power and network
    • 0-48hrs setup time (We rack new servers M-F and Saturdays as well!)
    Server Spec

    Dell PowerEdge 860 /w DRAC4 Remote Mgmt Card Included
    Intel QuadCore Xeon X3220 (4x 2.4GHz)
    4GB ECC DDR2-667 RAM
    500GB WD SATAII Hard Disk
    3000GB Premium Bandwidth
    100Mbit Port
    5 IP's

    £125/Month with FREE Setup
    £100/Month with £125 Setup

    Upgrade Options
    • Upgrade to 1x 1TB WD SATAII HDD = £15/Month or £50 One-Time
    • Upgrade to 2x 500GB WD SATAII HDD = £15/Month or £50 One-Time
    • Upgrade to 2x 1TB WD SATAII HDD = £35/Month or £150 One-Time
    • 1 Additional IP = £0.50/Month
    • 8 Additional IP = £2.50/Month or £12.50 One-Time
    • 16 Additional IP = £5/Month or £25 One-Time
    • 32 Additional IP = £10/Month or £50 One-Time
    • 64 Additional IP = £15/Month or £75 One-Time
    Control Panel Options
    • cPanel/WHM = £30/Month
    • cPanel/WHM + Full Management = £50/Month
    • DirectAdmin = £15/Month
    Operating System Options

    We can do pretty much ANY Linux distribution and custom partitioning to go with that as well. Unless otherwise stated we will load your server with CentOS 5.3 64bit and a typical partition layout.

    Network Information

    We use the RapidSwitch network which currently consists of over 92,000Mbits of external connectivity. The RapidSwitch network is an all Cisco powered, redundant BGP4 network, with 5 major carriers and over 200 peering sessions.

    Primary carriers:
    • Tiscali
    • TeleGlobe
    • Interoute
    • LINX (London Internet Exchange)
    • LonAP
    Pingable IP:
    Test Download:

    How To Order

    To order please email [email protected] and include the following:

    - Name
    - Email Address
    - Any Upgrades?
    - Any Control Panel?
    - Which OS?
    - Custom Partitioning Required?

    These are not available on our website yet hence we are processing orders manually.

    Please note we do fairly heavy fraud screening on dedicated servers and we may request proof of ID for security purposes.

    Any Questions?

    Please email [email protected] and we will be happy to help.
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