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    Great new feature from firefox 3.5

    In the new firefox 3.5 you have an option to make your web surfing 100% secure. Just go to tools then Start Private Browsing.
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    There is very distinct difference between secure and private.

    That feature only stops Firefox from storing the cookies and session data when the session is closed. Other than that it does nothing more.

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    That option is for you porn surfers out that they don't want your moms to bust you and if you're always to forgetful to clear your history/cache, Lol

    It does nothing more to give you a safer browser experience.

    Nothing is 100% secure.

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    I also have this in safari

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    Also in Chrome as Incognito browsing

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    Its a handy feature for those that ermm... like to look at... porn, Covers over all traces to stop your mum finding out!

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    <g> No, it doesn't cover all your tracks. Your computer still has to look up the IP address from the domain name, so unless you clear your DNS cache manually, the list of sites you've visited will still be there. ;-)

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    thanks for the usefull info brother.

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    It is not useful at all, And chrome and other browsers are already featuring this..


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    It's also great if you're using your friend's computer to check your webmail and you'd rather not have it store your info.

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    Private browsing, Incognito browsing...Bullsh1t

    Its the P0rn Mode

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gary4gar View Post
    Private browsing, Incognito browsing...Bullsh1t

    Its the P0rn Mode
    Perhaps one day they will call it "porn mode".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike - Limestone View Post
    Perhaps one day they will call it "porn mode".

    At least they got the shortcut right..

    Control + Shift + P

    I'm sure that must stand for porn and not private

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