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Thread: Warning to all.

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    Warning to all.

    Just a warning to all. If anyone called Neal lewis with the domain or tries to sell you hosting or tries to buy hosting it is probably a scam. He has used multiple companies I have been involved with and everyone he has no paid bills on time, made up stories to try and get extra free time and in general has no idea how to run a hosting company.

    The most recent company he used which I primarily work for he refused to pay over 90$ in accumulated charges (some nearly 2months old, which we had not suspended him for on the bases he would pay as soon as possible).

    He thinks he can get customers by offering unlimited resources for 2 or 3$ and then he lets his customers down and just moves onto another host to abuse.

    Please be warned he is very cunning and can be highly abusive. Please don't be taken in by his stories he can loose you quite a bit of money.


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    Well as long as you stick to your own policies and don't provide a service not paid for then you don't really stand to lose much.

    I can understand giving a client with a positive payment history some leeway on billing but not a brand new customer.
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    I second that notion. Being a new hosting company I will definitely be looking out for this gentlemen as he may try and go after newer business' that are looking to generate clients as they needs funds more quickly than others. I however wont be one of them. Thanks for the heads up.

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    I agree but it's a good rule to not provide services until payment is rendered.
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    Again that is why...

    That just reinforces my companies decision years ago to NOT offer a reseller hosting package!
    If you cant afford the servers, software and staff, you should try another line of work.
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    In my experience,

    Don't accept to proceed with the order unless initial payment is confirmed.

    If however, this person does pay up front and then decides to stop paying and use all his 'cunning' excuses; an overdue payment is an overdue payment, once it's reached it's limit, Suspend.

    Like MikeDVB said, stick to your policies and you'll do just fine.

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