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    Music..a critical part of life

    I've chatted about this before..but I think there is much that many people don't know..or simply have not tried about many of the online music services.

    Currently...I am using Charter's music service. I have not had it very long..but already my collection is over 3,000 songs thanks to broadband. It's easier to download collections when you know exactly what you want. Many moons ago I built a collection using Napster..but it was impressive in that the collection was built over dialup..and was over 5,000 songs..downloaded over several years of enjoyment.

    I think it is sad when many people put themselves into boxes..say.."Country"...and that's all you listen to. So..limiting. I listen to all types..there are no boundries at all. In fact..I randomly download things..just to see what's all about. Don't like it? Delete it. No big.

    Sadly..any of these services have horrible "players". I would be very afraid of any that use .net frameworks. This one is slow and rather hard to use at times. Let me let you in on a little secret: You do not have to use it to play the music.

    Just like can use the good ole plain-jane Windows media player to make playlists and manage your music collection.

    There still is good free legal music out there. I mentioned before in a thread that I enjoyed many tracks from a group called Goo Roo. There is more of their music available now that ever before...for free and legal.

    You can learn more about the group here:

    Thank God for good notes:

    There are several here that are quite good but as always..some you like..some not as much. Different strokes for different folks.

    Here's some lesser names to throw out:

    Piano: Peter Kater

    Guitar: Jesse Cook

    Japanese group: Hiroshima

    I was delighted to learn Charter had "The Labyrinth" Movie soundtrack as part of their collection. Excellent stuff there..David Bowie is part of that.

    Times are hard..and getting harder for many. Good positive music is a wonderful coping mechanism to deal with all the stress.

    I have no negative music..none at all. I want to be all my music is pretty positive and uplifting.

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    Music is most definitely a critical part of life, and it defines a person.

    Myself, I have a collection of around 100GB legal music, ripped from god knows how many CD's over the years, and purchased from sources such as Itunes, musicmatch, and amazon. My collection runs from country to classic rock to metal to rap to broadway.

    Life without music itself would be just horrid. I couldn't picture it.
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