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    Dedicated Server with Owned Windows License?

    Hi Guys,

    Returning to WHT after 2 years, but this place is great !!

    I am trying to evaluate an option, I figured out that Windows 2003 Standard Server costs only $700, however normal hosting rental is around $25.

    Is there any good hosting company which can let us use our license and not charge for the OS rental?

    Is it good option? We found out that we can recover cost of license in 28 months, but servers tend to crash in 24 months atleast once.

    In event of crash, transferring license from one server to another may be issue by Microsoft and if it does not activate, we might have to buy new copy !!

    Lets discuss this in detail!!

    (I wanted to put a poll on this post, is it possible to add now? it doesnt let me add a poll when I edit this post!!)

    Thank you,
    - Akash Kava
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    - Akash Kava
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    I don't think that any hosting company will allow you to use your own license on shared server ...

    Moreover you can easily get a decent windows hosting on shared environment below $10/mo.

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    It might be possible, but I am not sure.

    By normal hosting rental did you refer to the license cost or shared hosting cost?

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    You might want to check with Microsoft. If you provide hosting for 3rd parties in any form, you must rent the license under the SPLA program. Your Business deserves our Quality - Experts on Hand since 2005. Europe & US locations, we operate our own network AS35017
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    Besides that info given by Swiftway that only SPLA is allowed for providing service to third parties, whomever hosts that sign for SPLA, sometimes sign an addendum stating they won't allow any other license other than the SPLA ones inside their facilities.

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    There are a few companies that will allow you to use your own license but they usually require that you show proof it's a legitimate copy.

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    I think Jacob is absolutely correct. And then only on a dedicated server - not a shared server (for obvious reasons).
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