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    Cron Job Deleted is Their a Log?


    We are running cpanel on one of our servers. Several cron jobs were deleted from the cron panel of one acct. I have no idea of the paths to re-enter these jobs. Is their a log file on the server that will show cron job history from previous runs so I can recover the proper paths? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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    See the file /var/log/cron. You can use the following command to see what all cron jobs have run in past for a particular user.

    grep username /var/log/cron
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    The cron path of the account will be:

    "/var/spool/cron/user_name" ; say if your account user was 'xyz, his cronjobs will be in the file "/var/spool/cron/xyz".

    But its not necessary to add new crons this way, we have another simple option:

    Use the "-u" switch along with crontab:

    crontab -e -u xyz ; will open the file to enter cron jobs for the user "xyz".

    To list this account's cronjobs, run the below command:

    crontab -l -u xyz.

    I hope that helps.

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    Thanks, the problem is the cron jobs were accidentally deleted from this users acct. They wiped out or overrode their jobs. Does an individual account store these within a backup someplace? Then I could simply copy them back over? If they are stored in a backup, where would they be located?


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    Yes, if you have a previous backup then that will contain the users cron job too.

    Use 'tar -tf account.tar.gz' command to list the contents of the backup without extracting it.

    If it is a gzip file, then use 'tar -tzf account.tar.gz' instead.

    It should have a folder called "cron".

    Extract the archive and then copy the cron to /var/spool/cron/

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