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    Hosting site with Clientexec

    hi there

    I am getting out of web hosting and need to sell the main site and some small customers. The Clientexec can be install on the same domain without updates or further support.
    I can help change all the logos and text on each page also.
    The sale will end on July 9th 2009.

    Bin: $490.00

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    how many client ?
    and profit ?
    pm detail please.

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    There are a few domain names which belong to me. There is no income together with the Business name, website, domain name and clientexec license.

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    Still available for sale and neg.

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    How much do you pay for server/month and how much merchant account (payment gateway).....

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    I pay $11 per month for a reseller account and no other costs. I use PayPal for customer payments.

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