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    Exclamation Hosting Guide and Suggestion

    Every one
    I am very newbie to hosting Industry .
    what i would like to know and share this to all other newbie about the hosting company .

    here what i need suggestion of you all valuable and expertise about the hosting company suggestion .

    My requirement is that i have right now 10 domains which are running on individual hosting and hired by local service provider
    now i am learning and found myself that there are plenty of host available .
    so what bother me is which one to opt .
    After reviews and reading a lot in google and other referrals resources i found these outputs:

    1 Host Gator { found maximum reviews and supported for individual but with no private Name Server }
    2: Web hosting pad Offering the cheapest and something unexpected prices { do it really worth of taking ???}
    3 . Dream Host { found on an avreage and its foundation is a bit old { but same Name server is not with it } some negative points
    4. Blue Host is some what i found but again negativity rules here .

    So i am full on confused what to choose upon as my future expansion is from 10 to 50 domains and all having the good trafiic and multimedia sites consisting Flash and all other stuffs for designing field .

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Welcome to WHT Would you be looking for a reseller account then? Any control panel you would prefer? As well as disk space, bandwidth, and a budget would be able to help us direct you towards the best options to satisfy your needs.

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    Thanks igxhost ...

    I would like to have my own control panel and budget is not that much high neither that much low on an average that is around 80~100 USD annually for the 1st year then may switch to dedicated or reseller account (if get something Good service and Support comparetively can think about that also .)

    On an average my space initally would be going around 25GB+ to 200 GB for further expansion so i thought to be going with unlimetd ones but U know that Nothing is Unlimted Purely here with anything .
    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Recently i found that Host gattor and other like blue host , just host have innode limit and CPU resticrtion in there unlimted account which is being a new trun around ...
    so now full got totaly confused in whole that to go in shared or to dedicated ?

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    Hostgator has a 250000 inodes limit (at 50k, they stop making backups though). I doubt you'll run into issues with a 25GB space usage there. If 200GB or anything like that is a real possibility, shared hosting is not a real option.

    multimedia sites consisting Flash
    Data transfer consumption due to static files is generally unlikely to cause issues, but it does depend on the exact volume we're talking about. At at some point I/O usage alone will start to put a strain on the server, and the host will act (typically, suspend your account and ask you to upgrade).

    Using a reseller account and creating separate end user accounts for your sites would have the advantage of not having all your sites suspended, as in the vast majority of scenarios, only the rogue account would be suspended.

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    What is the nature of site. Will they use actually that much space you have given ?

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    What i am having trouble right now is that i am having 10 current clients sites ex: sarrafgroup(dot)com ,udb(dot)in indianantiquejewelry(dot)net

    so these kinda site having space about 1 gb each and few other like 500MB or so

    So that's the reason i am trying to migrate for cheap and good service with something liek no limit in space, bandwith , can host multiple site nicely .

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    It really depends on what you are looking for. Your not going to find a top hosting company out there giving their services away for free/cheap without some kind of catch somewhere inbedded. I for some reason find myself recommend a smaller company. They should be able to easily accomadate you and fit your needs to the "T" not to mention totally customizing the package that fits you.

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    If you're using 1 GB don't get fulled by host lying to you offering unlimited space/bandwidth, take a look to this, it will help you to understand what I mean.
    Shared Web Hosting - Reseller Hosting - Semi-Dedicated Servers - SolusVM/XEN VPS
    LiteSpeed Powered - R1Soft Continuous Data Protection - 24/7 Chat/Email/Helpdesk Support
    Cpanel/WHM - Softaculous - R1soft Backup - Litespeed - Cloudlinux -Site Builder- SSH support - Account Migration
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    You need to decide this before the hosting...

    You need to decide if you really have what it takes to make it in the web hosting business. do you want to make quick money? then it is NOT for you.
    Have you found a need and think you can fill it better than anyone else? then go for it.
    But if you do decide to go all out, then you need to understand that most businesses lose money in the initial stages.
    If you went to a bank for a loan with a business plan that shows a profit in the first year, they will probably turn you down and tell you to do more research.
    You have to realize, your failure can and will effect the hopes, dreams, and businesses of all those that trust you with their web site.
    So if you are not willing to spend 25 to 50 dollars a month, plus take the time to advertise, promote and service this business, I would suggest going with an affilliate program, this way a larger company handles all the work and you get money each month, without the risk or expense. Web Hosting and Domain Registration Dedicated servers - Miami, Florida, USA Domain name registration

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