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    Transferring without auth code for .cc domain?

    I contacted the registar(one and one) for auth code, they told me there is no auth code for .cc domain, the new registar can deal with it without this code.

    I am wonder: does the registar need auth code? can they do tranferring without auth code?

    Thank you!

    By the way which registar is good for .cc.

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    For .cc domains, YES.
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    Authorization key/ EPP Code

    When a new domain is registered an Authorization key/ EPP Code is generated and saved at the global registry. When a new domain transfer order is initiated the "authorization key" is required for each domain name to begin the process of domain transfer.

    ICANN regulations, a verification email or fax transfer authorization is also required.The concept was followed to protect and secure the transfer of the domain names between two registrars for some selected extensions.


    EPP CODE - Extensible Provisioning Protocol.

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