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    How to obtain an ACH merchant account?

    I am assisting a client who is incorporating offshore and they are interested in also accepting US checks to deposit in their US business account.

    I told them I would make some inquires and this is the best place for it. Any advise is appreciated. Business is not high risk.

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    Best, but expensive -> Telecheck (, have used them and they are pretty good, never had any issues - only pretty expensive.

    Other choices: - have used them as well, but they don't deliver their guarantees that here cannot be chargebacks on their ACH services. Only $20/month minimum fee, but they require you to open Business Bank account in their bank - where they deposit your proceeds.

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    I just spoke with a nice lady at Echo. Interesting that they accept checks for annual hosting but they do not accept credit cards for annual hosting.

    Still awaiting callback from Telecheck (they're probably the big guys; I see their logo everywhere I shop).

    Echo's bank is a real brick-and-mortar bank in Southern California; I see nothing wrong with them opening an account (they don't have a minimum and there's no monthly charge) and writing checks on the account costs only the amount to buy the checks. That works for me because my bank (Chase, formerly WAMU) gives us immediate credit on check transactions.

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