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    Exclamation Who needs dedicated when there's WANSecurity VPS? WinServ 2008 x64, 100Mb 2500GB xfer

    WANSecurity – Fully Customizable Managed Business VPS Solutions

    Use WHT35 Coupon code to get 35% off your initial order and first month including your setup fee if any.

    Managed VPS servers
    All WANSecurity VPSs include…
    • Instant Setup
    • Military grade availability, security, backup, and access control options
    • Premium Multi-homed Bandwidth from, Level 3, Cogent, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and FastServe
    • 24/7/365 Network, Application, and Service Monitoring with Nexus Director
    • Reporting, alerts and notifications
    • 100% Network Up-time Guarantee
    • 30 minutes ticket response SLA
    • Managed Services with DirectAdmin Control Panel (If available)
    • Free Setup and Migration Support
    • Free Security Consultation with Deep Monitoring and Resource Graphs
    • Multiple Data Center Facility Options

    What is WANSecurity Managed? -> Most definitive management structure in the industry

    Now BETA testing OS X Leopard Server VPS Hosting. Customers who come on board during the beta test period (4/1/09 ~ 7/15/09) can receive a %50 discount for life. - Call for pricing information.

    Free Setup for WHT users. Prices quoted here are for WHT users only.

    VPS Business Professional $25/mo
    512 MB RAM
    25 GB Disk Space
    1000GB Transfer
    1 IP Address

    (Order Now)

    VPS Business Elite $40/mo
    768 MB RAM
    50 GB Disk Space
    1500GB Transfer
    5 IP Addresses

    (Order Now)

    VPS Enterprise Professional $55/mo
    1024 MB RAM
    75 GB Disk Space
    2000GB Transfer
    5 IP Addresses

    (Order Now)

    VPS Enterprise Elite $70/mo
    1536 MB RAM
    100 GB Disk Space
    2500GB Transfer
    5 IP Addresses

    (Order Now)

    • Unmetered 10M - Shared Segment (Capped at 5Mb sustained, burst @ 10Meg for up to 10MB, 1.62TB/mo Max)
    • Unmetered 10M Pro - Dedicated Segment (Capped at 10Mb sustained, 3.24TB/mo Max)
    • Unmetered 100M - Shared Segment (Capped at 25Mb sustained, burst @ 100Meg for up to 50MB, 8.1TB/mo Max)
    • Unmetered 100M Pro - Dedicated Segment (Capped at 50Mb sustained, burst @ 100Meg for up to 100MB, 16.2TB/mo Max)
    • Unmetered 100M Elite - Dedicated Segment (No Cap, 100Mb sustained, 32.4TB/mo Max)
    • Unmetered 1000M - Dedicated Segment (Capped at 250Mb, 250Mb sustained, 81TB/mo Max)
    • Unmetered 1000M Pro - Dedicated Segment (Capped at 500Mb, 500Mb sustained, 162TB/mo Max)
    • Unmetered 1000M Elite - Dedicated Segment (No Cap, 1000Mb sustained, 324TB/mo Max)
    • Memory Upgrades Available
    • IP Address Space Upgradable

    Choose from These Managed and Supported Operating Systems
    • Ubuntu
    • CentOS
    • Slackware
    • Open Solaris
    • OpenBSD
    • FreeBSD
    • openSUSE
    • Windows Server 2003 add $20/mo
    • Windows Server 2008 add $25/mo
    • Windows Server + Microsoft Exchange add $45/mo

    Other Information
    Payment Methods: Invoice, Purchase Order, Wire Transfer, Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover and PayPal

    Speed Test Servers

    Kansas City
    Los Angeles

    All WANSecurity Dedicated Server customers from Web Hosting Talk have full access to add any of our full suite of Data Center products and services to their subscription:


    Questions? E-mail [email protected] or call us at +1 213.785.7800 option 2

    WANSecurity – When Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability matters.
    Managed Dedicated Servers…

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    Whats your price for WHM/cPanel ?

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    It looks like they're going for about $35 per license now:

    You can BYO, or we can order it for you.

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