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    How to setup scalable hosting architecture/service?

    I am new at this, and I am building a blog network using WordPress/Drupal with a shopping cart and classifieds. Potentially (crossing fingers) this website may receive high volume activity and I wanted to plan ahead. If somebody could please recommend a hosting architecture and services that are scalable, I would highly appreciate it. Initially, I was thinking these phases as the website gained more popularity:

    Phase I
    Media Temple cloud hosting

    Phase II
    Media Temple cloud hosting with media stored on Amazon cloud

    Phase III

    Media Temple dedicated server with media stored on Amazon cloud

    Phase IV (?)
    Media Temple load balancing replicated dedicated server with media stored on Amazon cloud

    Do I have this all wrong? Recommendations?

    Thank you and look forward to hearing from you.

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    My advice is to run a search at for MediaTemple to see what the experiences are of people that host with them and have hosted with them.
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    How to setup a scalable hosting architecture/service (PartII)?

    Mike DVB,

    Thank you for responding. I should have replaced the company names with type of services. I wanted to know if in theory this is the best way to have a scalable hosting solution.

    I also did additional research on-line and think this might be the solution. Any comments?

    Phase I
    Dedicated Server on Grid Layer with media on Amazon Cloud.

    Phase II
    Two dedicated servers one for mysql database and one for web server, and media on Amazon Cloud.

    Phase III
    Multiple dedicated web servers pointing to one mysql database server, and media on Amazon Cloud

    Phase IV
    Multiple dedicated webs servers and multiple dedicated mysql database servers, and media on Amazon Cloud

    Also, besides waiting for your server to crash, when would you move from one phase to the next?

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    Have a look at its cloud service for the masses


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