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    Looking to rent 2 dedicated servers with hardware antispam + firewall

    Hi there,

    I am looking to rent two dedicated servers in either America or Europe - provider must have great connectivity with Africa and other less economically developed countries.

    We require hardware based antispam such as cisco ironport and a hardware based firewall.

    Servers should be at least dual xeons with 4gb of RAM, 500gb hard drive space.

    Connectivity, looking for around 10mb/s unmetered on a 100mbps port preferably shared between the servers to keep costs low.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? I had a look through the offers forum but could not find anything that is suited to my requirements.

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    Your requirements are not what people buy every day. You will need to contact Customer care of different hosts, to get hooked up with a deal.

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    I think it's best to contact some companies for a quote.
    I'm sure any company can offer a good deal for the demands you need.

    Another option is having a look in the advertising section. Good luck. - Online in no time
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    Check the offers sections, and/or contact the host directly.

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    I'd agree, go thru the offers forums, and see if you can find something about the pricerange you want, and then maybe start a live chat on there website, or email their sales/support, and ask to see if they would support a hardware firewall and antispam. As mentioned above, this is not a typical everyday setup, but i'm sure a lot of different providers could accomidate you.
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    Drop Cisco Ironport from your request, and you might find it easier to find a provider that would suit your needs.

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