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    LiveStats 5.0 Mail Problem


    Does anyone here use LiveStats 5.0 on their Win2k server who might have experienced the following problem and be able to help:

    About a month ago the daily/weekly/monthly emails generated by my Stats server began to be delivered later and later and eventually stopped arriving altogether.

    When the machine is rebooted, occasionally (presumably a backlog) of generated mails drop through but the email is incomplete and the attatchments are not attatchments but garbage in the body of the email. This only occurs once and thereater no further reports arrive.

    This *might* be due to my installation of some Windows 2000 hotfix which might have interfered with this portion of the Stats Server around the same time though I can`t be sure which.

    Basic tests haven`t revealed anything, e.g. settings haven`t been changed, service continues to run normally, nothing is generated in the Event Viewer, no additional filtering or security has been applied to the server or iMail server.

    It's as if the thread crashes half way thru sending the mail and when the box is rebooted the buffer gets flushed so a half finsihed email gets sent out, addressed from 'MH Mail Subsystem'

    MediaHouse aren't interested in helping as the software came with my dedicated server; the server company to their credit have investigated but haven't found the issue.

    Any ideas? Many thanks.

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    i am having this same problem. did you ever figure out the problem. mediahouse are jerks.

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    Hi - yes, I think I responded in another thread on here somewhere, might be worth a search:

    Make sure that the SMTP server you're routing through is not set to "disallow null senders" (those with nothing in the from field, this is how iMail words this option).

    LiveStats 5 sends the reports without a From Address. Thus, many mail servers will by default refuse the connection, which then upsets the Livestats software and this manifests itself when the Livestats server is next rebooted.

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    Yeah, that sounds about right for the symptoms and solution. Speedness, I don't know what your experience is with mediahouse, but mine have been quite good when I need to ask them a question, mind you no company in the world will support a 8 year old product, so if you just recently asked them a 5.x question i'm sure you just got the standard "we don't support that anymore", which is quite fair of them to do.

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    i am using imail 8.2 and have checked that it is set to allow null sender. i am very frustrated with the lack of information anywhere. i understand a company not providing real time support for an 8 year old product, but what would it take for them to have archives of tech support info available somewhere on their website. i have gone over everything i can think of that might cause the emails to not go through. any other suggestions are appreciated.

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    I do know the stats server 5 docs can be found in their retired products section of their support site, but yeah they do hide that in their customer care portal, to which you need a login. If you registered your product you should be able to get access to it no matter which version.

    PM me if you have any further difficulties and I'll talk to my rep there on your behalf.

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