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    Need to setup a Dedicated Email Server

    Attention: All Dedicated Server Gurus:

    We need to setup and manage a Dedicated Email Server for another Hosting Company who are going to sell email boxes to their retail clients.

    The client has a "weakness" for MailEnable on a Windows Dedicated Server. However they are open to a Linux server also.

    Can you suggest me the options.

    With a lot of thanks to all who share their views - in advance.
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    Sanjay, if Linux is fine set a server up with Qmail and you should be good to go.

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    I'd highly recommend SmarterMail 5.x on Windows system. It is awesome!
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    Mailenable is pretty cool and works well. Or go for postfix based solution
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    If you are using a Linux box. Qmail or Postfix will be a good option. Moreover this may depend on the control panel that you are using. If it is cPanel then you will have to relay on Exim.

    I would suggest you better use Qmail.

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    Yes, Qmail will be a good choice if you have a plain linux server. Else you can install plesk control panel so that Qmail and postfix can be used alternatievely.

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