• Are you always being told that your site loads very slowly?
  • Is your website down whenever you need it online?
  • Are you frustrated that a simple support request takes ages to be resolved?
  • Do you hate waking up one day, to notice that your whole website has been suspended, because one of your scripts is affecting the server stability?

At Bouncing Cube, you will be treated differently:

  • Our servers are never overloaded, therefore your websites will load faster all the times
  • Servers are monitored 24/7/365 for any failures. Most problems are fixed before customer even notices.
  • We do READ all the support tickets, and reply accordingly. We never use any canned messages or predefined replies.
  • We never suspend complete websites for resource abuse. We are constantly working with our customers to ensure their sites are optimized for performance. In worst case-scenarios, we do suspend the offending script, and not the whole website.

Our business hosting plans are targeted towards websites that need require reliability, uptime and redundant backups.

Take a look at our business web hosting plans: Business Web Hosting

The features below are available on all of our services:

  • 99.9% Uptime guarantee: All of our hosting plans include a 99.9% uptime guarantee, backed up by a strong TOS. If we cannot give you that guarantee, we will simply refund your money!
  • Daily Backups: We keep all of our hosting backups up-to-date, in case you need to switch to an older version of your website. We will restore your account as many times as you need, free of charge!
  • Extra-Step Customer Support: Unlike most, if not all hosting companies, we offer support for your scripts/websites too. Many hosting companies that you ask to help you debug your scripts will refuse, and will tell you that this is your responsibility. On the contrary, we do our best to help you run your website smoothly.
  • 15-Day Money Back Guarantee: Unsatisfied with our service? No problem, we will refund your money back, no questions asked!

In addition to the above features, the features below are exclusive to our business hosting plans:

  • Equinix data center: All of our business servers are located at Equinix data center. The same data center is being used by Google, Sony, IBM, Microsoft and Paypal to host their servers. More info about our network could be found at: http://bouncingcube.com/about/network.html
  • Weekly/Monthly Backups: In addition to the daily backups offered on all of our hosting plans, our business plans include weekly and monthly backups. This function is valuable in case you need to switch back to a much older version of your website.
  • Free Callbacks: That's right! Sometimes, things are much easier to solve over the phone. In such a case, submit a support ticket with your phone number and the best time to call, and we will call you back, at your time!

If you would like to discuss this offer over the phone, please PM your phone number and best time to call and I will get back to you as soon as possible.