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    Exclamation stream counter+background problems

    Hi all,

    My web programmers have 2 problems, while they are concentrating on other parts of the site I have told them I would try to look for answers.

    Here is their first problem:
    Because we will be hosting musics on our website, the organizations that protect the artist rights would like to know how many stream and downloads we get each month, for the downloads it is easy, but for the stream it seems tricky, they count as a stream any cache download above a 30 seconds in length.Do you have any idea on how to count the time of a track in order to count 1 stream or none?the site is in PHP and we have a flash player.

    Now the second problem:
    Is a background problem,
    I will try to explain it as best as I can, I have a website with pictures situated in different places, top and left of the page, when I try to fit a fixed background image the picture is there, fine but as soon as I try to scroll down that page, the background does not cover the top of the page where the top image was.
    If you don't not understand it, try to think about it this way, you have a fixed background + a top picture , this picture takes about 1 quarter of the page, when the browser page is on it's initial position it is fine, the background shows directly under the top image, and by looking at it this way you believe the background is actually behind the top image as well, but as soon as you scroll down the page,the top picture that is not fixed will stay on the top of the page(normal) but the background will have a gap missing where the top picture to work this out please?
    If you have any ideas I will keep informed my programmers and post their replies here.

    Many Thanks everyone,


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    for the streaming counter we have the solution, our player has a plugin for it :-).
    But we still struggle for the background problems.

    Many Thanks!


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