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    many visitor cannt enter my site

    many visitor cannt enter my site
    and many user say that browsing my vbllieten forum very slow
    and there is user can crowse my site very fast

    i check blocked ip in cvs and there is nothing

    pls help

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    Maybe there are routing issues....

    Have the people who are claiming to not be able to access your site run a trace route (On Windws: Start/Run: Type cmd. type tracert YOURDOMAIN.COM). Have them past the trace route here, or send them to your web hosting provider after they have sent them to you.

    Make sure they are not blocked in your firewall OR your IPTables deny rules.

    Be sure if you're running cPanel they are not blocked for any brute force attempts. You can check under the security center in cPanel...

    What is the load on the system? If you have SSH, you can type top in SSH to find the load. Is the server running with a high load? Whats the memory usage looking like? You can check this under your cPanel, and clicking status from the left hand corner of your cPanel, near the bottom, where it shows status information.

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    every thing u saied is good
    note: many of my visitor enter my site by proxy
    and 99% of isp in my country used proxy

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    If they cannot access your website, their IP addresses are not blocked, but 99% of them use proxies to access your website, maybe their proxies IP addresses are banned at the server level. Usually I don't recommend a full flush of iptables/firewall, but that may be your best bet to determine if it is actually maybe their proxies IP address that is blocked.

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    how do i can make full flush of iptables/firewall?

    thanx for your grat help

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    Are you serving this from a DSL connection perhaps?
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    You can use the command given below to stop the iptables,

    #/etc/init.d/iptables stop
    # service iptables stop
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    Quote Originally Posted by mugo View Post
    Are you serving this from a DSL connection perhaps?

    # service iptables stop
    i stop it it now and i will tell u what if it fix the problem

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    This sounds like an MTU problem...very common on DSL. Normal MTU is about 1500, but DSL like "1492", which causes major dropped packets for some connections.
    Symptoms are, some visitors are fine, others either can't hit the site (starts to respond, but nothing actually happens), or it responds really slow.
    You can get DRTCP and set your adapters MTU to 1492.
    If that doesn't fix it, you can just set it back to origianal.

    Remember to reboot after changing MTUs.
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    sometimes its not the IPs but the DC could also be blocking certain countries from accessing their network as well. I know that we had to block Turkey, Iran, Iraq and few others cause they would hack clients site since they were not protected. so you might want to ask them as well. - Shoutcast Streams & Web Hosting
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