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    Arrow JOOMLA : should I get help?

    My background is this:

    I have good skills at:
    c++ SQL html css

    I have poor skills at php-mysql-functions , but am really sure I can learn fast

    If I were using drupal, then am sure it would be impossible for me to do it, but with joomla.... could I do it alone, or should I hire some help? the site will be:

    A online magazine and a facebook, so that it will have articles and forums created both by users and admin in the main front page,
    but will also have facebook features, along with paid memberships

    similar sites:

    -joomla, preferibly or drupal
    -articles created by owner and by users
    with images and videos from youtube, not from own server
    -front page and rest of pages controlled by admin
    -main forums created by admin and users

    -users can create a profile page with different looks, like hi5,
    and pictures
    -users can have their url added to site url, so that url points to "users own-small-site"
    -users can have friends shown in profile accepting friends etc
    -users galleries and forums
    -some users might need to pay to suscribe

    I guess I could hire some help, what do you recommend?????????????
    and how much should I pay for ocassional help???????


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    Ok i can help you with the design of the frontpage and others using joomla but joomla when do you expect to start this project i'm a computer science major looking for some exposure

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    I would honestly say that you need to look and fully plan what you need not just list it because a helper would need that to get started fully. However if you can learn php and mysql fast then it may just be better and more economical to learn it yourself and complete the project yourself.

    Getting someone else in to help is all well and good but it is difficult sometimes especially if you disagree on something at the end of the day if you decide to get someone make sure that you know you can work well with them so there won't be any hiccups.

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    Joomla is great with its editing capabilities. I got loads of addons from the extensions site. I think it would work great for you.

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    I am working on joomla
    hope I made the right choice
    For now the template was free is installed
    I ve translated it to spanish easily with the package
    lets see what happens next
    I edited an article its really easy to do that

    i need to create a social network I will update because i am sure it will be of help for others

    thanks to you alll!!!!

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    Good luck and be sure to check out for more cool features.

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    If you think you can pick up PHP and MySQL easily, then I wouldnt think you would need to pay for anyone else to do the work for you.

    There are lots of articles available online, and there are also books available via Amazon.

    Hope this helps


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