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    * Web Hosts: Register Your cPanel Accounts and get paid!

    SEO Hosting Network ( requests web hosts to do extensive testing on the SEOHN platform.

    Please register your cPanel nodes into the SEOHN platform and play around FOR FREE.

    If you open your cPanel nodes for public, we will even pay you $1/month for each FTP account created on your cPanel.

    To register and start testing our new platform, please go to and open a free account.

    We Have Generated Over 7 Million cPanel Backups Come Dance Together With Us Y'all!
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    This sounds pretty interesting. I would join in, but we recently decommissioned our cPanel servers.

    I might setup a cPanel VPS and give this a try.
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    joined but difficult to install for a newbie like me.

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    I just signed up and will report my results (Allocated 75 GB Non Oversold Space)

    I did have 2 questions for you

    1) I do not see any TOS on your site for end customers, Some hosts have restrictions that others dont (example Adult Content)

    2) How do you sell this to your customers?
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    Hello, I set up an account 10 days ago and my server hasn't been approved yet. Is this service still active?

    Thank you.

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