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    pricing for xen/openvz/virtuozzo

    I know that licensing costs for virtuozzo result in higher prices for endusers compared to openvz. What about xen. Why are do XEN VPSs cost a little more than openvz?


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    because its harder to oversell a xen vps in most cases
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    Generally you get a fixed set of resources when you sign up for a XEN VPS server - and generally you get an oversold set of resources when you sign up for a OpenVZ VPS server. (yes yes, over generalizing here, but it is the explanation of the price difference)

    Typically a OpenVZ server is packed with 10+ servers per core...that is rarely the case for XEN servers. So density is higher on VZ's, which allows for lower prices.

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    because its harder to oversell a xen vps in most cases
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    also openvz is so easy to manage. if you don't need control panel you can pick openvz/ xen.

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