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    Arrow $17.95 Baby VPS 256MB RAM 10GB Storage 150GB Premium Ubiquity Bandwidth!


    Announcing Ubiquity's make hay while the sun shines on sale!!

    Ubiquity has re-invented our VPS product! Beginning this month, all VPS services are running on new hardware! With gained efficiency, we announcing a limited-time promotion perfect for HyperVM refugees or those simply looking to step into their own dedicated system lightly. Best of all, Ubiquity's VPS nodes utilize Virtuozzo - developed ahead of OpenVZ, and use SLM memory management to assure maximum benchmark performance out of your VPS.

    New hardware node specifications are as follows:

    Manufacturer/Chassis: Dell PowerEdge 2950 or R710
    CPU: Dual Intel Xeon 5400 or 5500 series
    Memory: 32 or 36 GB ECC-Registered Full-Buffered Memory (managed with SLM)
    Hard Disk: 6x 500 GB 7,200 RPM Nearline SAS Hard Disks or 8x 300 GB 10k RPM SAS
    RAID Level: 10 (striping + mirroring)
    PSU's: N+1 redundant, and connected to separate A+B power circuits
    NIC's: N+1 redundant 10/100/1000, and connected at 1000 Mb/s to separate Cisco 2960 switches meshed to the edge layer
    Sign up now!!!


    * 10GB SATAII Disk Storage
    * 150GB/Month Transfer
    * Guaranteed Equal Baby CPU Usage
    * 256MB - Minimum Guaranteed RAM

    Self-Managed: FREE Setup - $17.95/Month

    Myriad VPS
    * 20GB SATAII Disk Storage
    * 250GB/Month Transfer
    * Guaranteed Equal Myriad CPU Usage
    * 512MB - Minimum Guaranteed RAM

    Self-Managed: FREE Setup - $29.95/Month
    Fully Managed: FREE Setup - $49.95/Month

    Perpetuity VPS
    * 40GB SATAII Disk Storage
    * 500GB/Month Transfer
    * Guaranteed Equal Perpetuity CPU Usage
    * 768MB - Minimum Guaranteed RAM

    Self-Managed: FREE Setup - $49.95/Month
    Fully Managed: FREE Setup - $69.95/Month

    Infinity VPS
    * 60GB SATAII Disk Storage
    * 750GB/Month Transfer
    * Guaranteed Equal Infinity CPU Usage
    * 1000MB - Minimum Guaranteed RAM

    Self-Managed: FREE Setup - $69.95/Month
    Fully Managed: FREE Setup - $89.95/Month

    Ubiquity VPS
    * 80GB SATAII Disk Storage
    * 1000GB/Month Transfer
    * Guaranteed Equal Ubiquity CPU Usage
    * 1500MB - Minimum Guaranteed RAM

    Self-Managed: FREE Setup - $89.95/Month
    Fully Managed: FREE Setup - $109.95/Month

    Baby VPS will be conceived within 24 hours. All other VPS are provisioned instantly, but setups may be delayed up to 12 hours where Windows is requested or a custom control panel must first be licensed / installed.


    Self-Managed Control Panels:

    InterWorx: $5/month *recommended*
    Plesk: $5/month
    cPanel + WHM: $5/month ($10/month on Baby VPS)
    DirectAdmin: $5/month


    Fantastico De Luxe: $3/month
    Installatron: $3/month

    Operating Systems:

    CentOS 4, 5
    Fedora 7, 8, 9, 10
    Debian 4, 5
    Ubuntu 8, 9
    SuSE 10, 11
    Windows 2003 Server Std. (Chicago only)


    What People Say

    "I'm very happy with the speeds, bandwidth availability and so far their support and sales staff have been awesome, going as far as having them on MSN so we can quickly get in contact with them. A+ Provider." - (Source)

    "Now, we're getting to the brilliant part - support. Because I'm a noob and didn't have that much knowledge with the fine stuff of setting your own VPS I was constantly on Support chat." - (Source)

    "I must say I've had VPS servers before and few companies come close to Ubiquity's support and speed." - (Source)

    "I was able to contact their support staff immediately via their Live Chat." - (Source)

    "My server is running as it should be, and their network has never been down." - (Source)

    "Ubiquity's definitely a great provider" - (Source)

    "I've been with Ubiquity Servers for about 6 months now, and i must say they are the best hosting company i have ever rented from ! Amazing response times to support tickets (usually 1-5 mins) no matter what time it is." - (Source)

    "We push a consistent 200 Mbps usage through it and never have any dropped packets, and the latency is always consistent. Not much else to say there – it’s just great." - (Source)

    "The guys over at Ubiquity are very down to Earth people who are always willing to answer any questions you may have. I’ve always received honest answers from them, which is something that I really value about working with them." - (Source)


    Test IPs

    * Los Angeles, CA:
    * Seattle WA:
    * New York, NY:
    * Dallas, TX:
    * Chicago, IL:
    * Atlanta, GA:


    * Free 24x7x365 support
    * ~15 minute average ticket response times (live stats)
    * 100% uptime SLA on power and network
    * Web-based reboot, re-install, full backup
    * root/Administrator access on all self-managed VPS
    * Premium, redundant sFlow-optimized network (AS15003)


    Ubiquity currently offers RAID-enforced Virtuozzo VPS in 6 Locations - the choice of location is yours!

    Chicago area operations broadcast from 1808 Swift Drive in Oakbrook, Illinois (an inner suburb) in Latisys' (formerly Stargate) Tier III+ sas70 Type II certified data center.

    Los Angeles operations are next-door to One Wilshire (a facility at capacity) - the primary IP exchange in Los Angeles with dense connectivity to Asia and Silicon Valley.

    Seattle's data center operations run from 2001 Sixth Avenue (aka. the Westin Building), with the best connectivity to the North Western United States and Western Canada.

    New York data center operations run from 111 8th Ave. in New York City, a 2,800,000 sq. foot IP exchange facility with heavy connectivity to the east coast region and Europe.

    Dallas operations run from 1950 N. Stemmons Freeway - a 1,600,000 sq. foot telecom hotel and the primary IP exchange of Dallas (as well one of two major mid-west United States hubs).

    Atlanta operations run from 56 Marietta - the state's primary technology hub functioning as a telecom hotel with all major providers in the region.


    Contact Information

    e-mail: sales [at] ubiquityhosting (dot) com
    toll-free: 1-866-GET-UBIQ ext. 1
    international: +01.312.281.5101
    live chat: available 24/7 on our website! NEW!


    Contact: Michael Gazzerro
    AIM: UbiquityMichael
    MSN: [email protected]
    Google Talk: [email protected]
    Office: (312) 281-5101 ext. 500
    e-mail: mike (dot) gazzerro [at] nobistech (dot) net

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