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    Linux Game Panels

    Alright, first off, I know there are a lot of threads already about this topic. I have done more research hopefully than the other people and found some other solutions.

    Now, the main thing is, I'm going to start providing professional gamers with game servers. We do not have plans to tailor to public servers just private ones for first person shooters. I have compiled a 1000hz kernel for CentOS and tested it and they preform amazingly. Now, I'm running into the problem of automation. I need some way for the clients to control their servers. Now, I could build something in theory but I'd rather not. I have a list of panels so far but I'm not liking the features in a all, non really suit my needs as far as I can see.

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    I would say TC Admin but seeing as you're running CentOS I guess never mind on that lol.

    cPanel has cPGS but I don't know how one would automate that process. If you can figure out a way to automate setup for cPGS then you've got the perfect system as cPanel made it nice for game servers to start / restart and configure with ease.
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    GamePanelX is open source - No reason why you couldn't build on it and add more features for a reasonable investment.

    You'll be able to get all the features you want and customize it that way. It wouldn't be much either. - VPS Control Panel
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