Hi all,

Well this is supposed to be the place to share your experiences with hosts, so here goes.

I subscribed to a few months ago, as usual signup was quick within about a day so I was pretty happy.

I would still be happy with Netacore but there are a few points to notice.

1) There is quite a bit of downtime. In quite a few instances there was an explanation that some part of the system was being backed up/restored/copied or some other, understandable, maintenance issues, or that the servers were being moved . The problem is here that even though I understand the fact that maintenance is necessary, I do not agree that it should cause so much downtime. In the few months I was there it was definatelly more then the 0.1% (100%-guaranteed 99.9%). I have been told by the support team that the problem is on my side, I was however prepared for that and whenever the system was down (for me) I always ran the 'NetMechanic' tools to check site avaliability. And seeing as NetMechanic, which monitors from several locations accross the USA, said that it's down, it was safe to assume that it was down.

2) Service. This was even more dissapointing that the downtime which unless you have an intensive site, you can handle. I really got a feeling that if you send a querie to the support which they did not want to hear, or did not know how to handle, they just ignored. I even put 'read receipts' on the mails which came back to me suggesting that the team had seen them, but still no reply to my questions. When the team did answer they were quite helpfull, the problem was that most of the time at least 70% they did not, both emails as well as tickets. And the fact that their BB and support pages are almost always down, doesn't help either.
What is rather funny now, I tried to cancel my subscription and I still haven't received a reply. I'm not sure how to get them to stop charging my CC. But I guess it's arisk everyone takes.

Ok, sorry to babble so much. As you have seen I have not flamed or shouted or done any name calling her. I have tried not to insult thje company or the owner, I'm hoping that through my 'tone' I will put my message accross better and people will take this anti-reccomendation more seriously.

So the bottom line is, I left - or am trying to leave - as there are unacceptable downtomes (explained or not) and the level of the support really leaves a lot to be desitred.