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    445 Complete Site/ Co. For Sale

    Hello all,

    Due to my time issues with lately I am selling I have already sold all clients! So please do not inquire if you are interested in purchasing clients, those were recently all purchased (and they are in great hands). Anyways, why would you want to buy We have a great design, custom logo, complete integrated WHMCS system, making billing and support easy. One thing our clients loved was our 1800 number which can also easily be placed in the purchasers possesion. We have an enom reseller account, and also a account for you to handle all credit card payments easily and quickly. Finally, we are on just about every host search site out there (over 100)and have solid ratings on all search engines. The site averages over 1000 unique visitors per month, with 230 last month when I advertised nowhere(due to my time problems). I currently do not have a server anymore for this business, that was part of my clients package recently sold. I'm looking to complete this sale quickly and I believe my starting asking price is extremely reasonable, not only because of how this is already setup for customers to just start coming to you but also because all the work and time that has been spent on making this a solid, respectable company.

    Starting Bid $250

    Please e-mail me at [email protected]
    Thank you for your time
    Honest Reliable Green Hosting

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    Some additional notes:

    The starting bid of 250$ has been met. I will be ending this tonight at 6pm eastern. Once the server and clients were sold to respectable strong company, a small hostgator account was opened to store the site and handle any signups between the time of clients sold and the time I could sell the site. Therefore no licenses comes with this sale. I was really looking to sell the site to someone just wanting to get into the business because all the work is done, with all necessary accounts and things being setup to instantly start your own web hosting business and its strength in hosting directories and search engines. I have been accepting bids from well established hosting companies but please understand ALL clients have been sold and read the first post to really understand what you would be bidding for. Thank you

    As a final note, all of my clients were completly satisfied and well taken care of, so you are buying with nothing but good reviews and opinions.
    Honest Reliable Green Hosting

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    Still awaiting response on my PM.

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    Please send us a pm for the price, thank you

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    is this still for sale?

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