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    Amazing, Uniqe, Red, Cartoonish, Fully Coded Design / Website for Sale. $350

    HELLo WHT's,

    Today i have this amazing red, cartoonish design for sale, fully uniqe and completely coded..

    A WHMCS integration may be included if wanted / needed!

    This design is fully coded, unfortuantly the source files for the website itself is lost. With the design you recieve a custom made, uniqe include system that makes it easier to "edit" and control the website.

    What's included?
    • All rights to the design, will never be sold again.
    • Custom made include script for easy maintaining
    • WHMCS Integration can be done at no extra cost if wanted
    • A wordpress, phpbb and livehelp (stardevelop) integration is included
    • Testimonials system that gives the visitor a "random" testimonial during their visit.
    • All pages seen in the live preview is included

    Unfortuantly, the source files for this design is lost some time ago. But, the logo in .ai format, the pc_header in .psd format and the two VPS Offers images in .psd format is included within this sale.

    This is priced at $350, make a quick decition and it's yours for $300

    Live Demo

    Thank You,

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    Them people are scary. Nice template though, best of luck with the sale!
    Adam Hoban.
    ManobanWeb Group
    UK and US - Shared & Reseller Hosting Solutions

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    Great design, good luck with the sale !

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    I purchase Falecto's Vixile Design, transaction went smoothly. Thanks Again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ASantiagoJr View Post
    I purchase Falecto's Vixile Design, transaction went smoothly. Thanks Again.
    Hey again,

    Thanks for the comments Sorry for not being available as much after the transaction, as you know then i am currently on holliday

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    I've seen this design before on stellarbyte's before they changed to their new design. Are you the same person?

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