By 2014 consumers will receive an average of 25 email marketing messages in their primary inbox per day according to research by Forrester. Further, MarketingVOX forecasts that this number is actually more than double what consumers are averaging per day in 2009. The looming question is how much of this email will be spam bombarding your customer inboxes? Even more important, do you, as a web hosting provider, know the latest technology required to protect your customersí email from unwanted spam?
Jamie de Guerre, CTO at Cloudmark, will show you how to drastically reduce spam emails by implementing the latest in advanced anti-spam technology. Jamie will present the latest trends and cutting-edge technologies in the areas of email security, mobile technologies, hosting and new message abuse threat vectors, such as social networking. During his session at HostingCon 2009, youíll learn which technologies work best and how to reduce your monthly anti-spam expenses. Youíll even learn how to seamlessly integrate email security solutions in the cloud as part of your anti-spam arsenal.
To attend this presentation as well as 7 keynotes and over 40 educational sessions, you must register to attend HostingCon 2009! This yearís event (its fifth year) is being held in Washington D.C. on August 10-12 at the Gaylord National Hotel and Conference center. Donít miss an opportunity to learn the latest in advanced anti-spam technology and to network with your peers at the largest gathering of hosted services professionals in the world!