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    New a good review...

    Stix Zero is a community where individuals can buy and sell web templates. We are the webs top website exchange. Sell your web templates to companies. Offer and request templates simple and easy. Post graphic design job offers and influence the community where designers meet the non-designers.
    I'm going to edit my English, so that isn't what I am worried about. But overall, what do you think of the feel of how the site works? Is it a good idea? Does the design compliment my marketing? How could i get more traffic, who do i target? Any Suggestions that could improve the site?

    Would it be good to add hosting to the site? What else could i add?

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    I'm not a big fan of th design, actually.

    Some of the things I don't like about it are:
    -multitude of different fonts
    -*way* too many little boxes all over the place. It feels very disjointed.
    -outlines around everything
    -separation of elements
    -uneven spacing around main boxes
    -purple color (page counts) doesn't match
    -white backgrounds, with uneven spacing/padding
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    I like all the colors flow really well together.
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    I'm sorry but the websites to 'blah'. I'm not a fan of the color scheme thats used and also the logo / header is so blurry if you look at it for to long it hurts your eyes. Needs more life!
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