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    Thumbs up RapidSwitch 2 Month Review


    I have been with Rapid Switch for a total of about 10 month's with their VPS server, however 2 month's ago purchased a Dedicated Server from them.

    Spec Ordered:
    - Intel Xeon (7041) - 3.00GHz
    - 1GB Memory
    - 3ware Escalade RAID Controller
    - 2x 160GB 7200rpm Hard Disk
    - RAID 1
    - CentOS 5.2
    - 4.0 TB Bandwidth

    They had run out of Xeon 3.0GHZ, so instead I received two Xeon 2.8GHz meaning I had four cores instead of 2, great bonus for a start.

    Network 10/10:
    Can't fault their network, always working never seen any high ping's or any kind of network problem's.

    Hardware 10/10:
    Same for hardware, they seem to use rock solid hardware, Dell Server's so no custom built budget hardware.

    Support 10/10:
    Most tickets replied within 30 min's, for example today asked ram to be upgraded from 1GB to 3GB, I authorised the work at 7:24 and got a reply at 7:33 to say that the upgrade had been completed and server was back online. I of course had gave them permision to do the upgrade "whenever".

    Overal 10/10:
    Can't fault them, specially for the price you pay and what you get for your money, suppose is always helpfull and willing to go that extra mile. Specially great now they don't charge you tech time for hardware, just the cost of the hardware it self (one off/monthly)

    I would recommend them for anyone looking for Dedicated Server's/Colo in UK/Europe.

    Domain for verification (Hosted on a VPS on the server)


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    I order my first UK dedicated from them and I have a similar experience. Very good price, network and support. Highly recommend them.

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    Used to have some colo servers with them, they are fantastic till they have problems internally then it's like talking to a brick wall.

    Sales guys are fantastic, support guys are reasonable - I did wonder how many were English speaking as first language though, I sent them some questions and got some interesting replies from time to time!

    Their co-lo access policy is lame, you have to rent a room and have no access to the servers in the rack.

    I left them because they kept having outages, although I later discovered that their 'data center' is actually just a small part of BlueSquare (they rent the top part of BS2), we now rent a 1/4 rack from Auxin ( who allow us full access to the rack and their technical skills are 1000x better than RS support as well as being considerably cheaper than RS. RS put something like a 200% markup on power for colo, which is rather nice of them.

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    Thanks for your review mate. Happy to hear you are extremely satisfied with their service.
    Give us updates again. Have a nice hosting in future also.

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    Thank you for your review buddy, be sure to update us often on your experience with RapidSwitch!

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    I've also heard good things about them. They also provide generous amounts of bandwidth.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ashley Merrick View Post
    I have been with Rapid Switch for a total of about 10 month's with their VPS server
    Pretty sure they only started doing VPSs at the start of the year
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    Quote Originally Posted by Philio View Post
    Their co-lo access policy is lame, you have to rent a room and have no access to the servers in the rack.
    Unless you rent your own quarter, half or full-rack, this is always going to be the case. Allowing end-users direct access to a shared rack is just asking for trouble, even if it is escorted.

    I left them because they kept having outages
    Were they network or ...?
    Last edited by dazmanultra; 07-05-2009 at 05:11 AM.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dazmanultra View Post
    Were they network or ...?
    There were 2 power outages, a DNS outage and several network outages.

    The power outages were actually related to BlueSquare and not their fault, although that wasn't apparent at the time as I thought they owned their own DC (they took the blame for the outage too).

    The DNS one was interesting, the claimed the primary resolver had failed and secondary/teriary were uneffected, but I was unable to resolve any DNS with any of their resolvers during the outage so personally I believe they had a full on outage and they played it down.

    The network outages were blamed on LYNX, I have no idea if that was really the case.

    This was around a year ago, so probably isn't an accurate reflection of RS as a whole, just a bunch of issues just happened to hit them all at once.

    I would have stayed with them (sure problems happen, nobody is perfect) had I not been told they did not own the DC or have any control over the power outages, at this point I figured I had no reason to trust a company that was (somewhat) deceptive to their customers.

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    It’s been interesting reading the above comments in regards to our service.

    Just to keep you all up to date we have recently launched our own brand new secure Datacentre “RapidSwitch Spectrum House” in Maidenhead, this has been designed for maximum uptime. It provides state-of-the-art power and cooling systems along with excellent network connectivity and a market leading client portal available to all our customers.

    I am going to offer the first 50 people who sign up to our colocation package 14 days FREE colocation. All you need to do is email our sales team at [email protected] quoting the reference “60651”. People who take up this offer are more than welcome to cancel if they are not happy after the 14 days and collect their equipment.

    We have an excellent on-site support team who is available by phone, email or through our online portals ticket system.

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