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    Webstrike alternate - hosting company

    I have been a webstrike solutions customer since 2002. Their service was great and effecient and I did not have any trouble hosting with them.

    Ever since they have sold their company to easycgi , no a day goes by when my sites are either not down , email not working or any such issues.

    I am looking for a reliable hosting company.
    MY main concern is to unlimited email accounts, with some huge space, spam filtering and smtp service with good uptime - at least for emails.

    I am sure there would be many webstrike customers who would be looking to shift from easycgi , and must have found some better hosts, while i am still searching.

    Please help me.

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    Are you looking for Windows Hosting or Linux Hosting? What are your disk space/bandwidth requirements? What is your budget?

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    I am looking for both linux and windows -
    Windows more.

    Badnwidth requirement is not much - ( any industry standard would do)

    Space around 1 GB webspace.
    unlimited pop3 email accounts ( or min 500 pop3 email accounts )
    good storage space (1 GB ? ) for pop3 email accounts
    webbased email
    spam filtering
    smtp support.

    this is what i am really looking at the moment.

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    yes and the budgetis around same . $ 6.50 - $ 8.00 / month

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    For your requirements, your budget is far more than enough. I'd say 99% of hosts in your "budget range" will provide all of what you need and then some. I'd suggest browsing the forums for a bit, and maybe trying as well and you should find what you're looking for. - Shared cpanel hosting, 99.9% uptime.
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    You are looking for separate accounts for both Linux and Windows, correct?

    Most providers would allow unlimited or at least a high number of e-mail accounts to be created. Web based e-mail, spam filtering, and other e-mail tools are often provided in control panels like cPanel. Or are you looking for any specific control panel?

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    Yes, I am looking for separate linux and windows hosting accounts.
    If any one has used webstrike solutions service, they would know what i mean

    I am not looking for any specific control panel, but good enough to manage all apects of the hosting , including the dns , mx and cname records.

    webstrike had a good uptime and email reliability , combined with spam filtering and their smtp service was good too.

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