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    Question: Upgrade drives in raid

    So let's say you have a raid 1/spare going on.
    Drive is filling up and partitions cover the whole drive.

    Time to replace with bigger drives.

    What process would you use to move raid/lvm/partitions to a new bigger set of drives?

    Would you just clone one drive into the bigger drive and replace them that way? Then somehow expand the raid partitions and then lvms?

    I use software raid, but I am sure some out there would like to know ideas for hardware raid too.

    In my instance....3 250 GB drives, raid 1 mirror, spare. All space used for raid/lvm/partitions, bootable drives.

    Looking to easily replace with 500 GB drives. I know you can increase an lvm partition, but can you increase a raid partition?

    Thoughts, ideas, pointers, tutorials would be nice additions.

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    this looks kinda like a good thread to follow

    it uses a method where you put in the new drive and clone the raid devices to the new drive. Then add it to the raid as a spare and pull the second. Thus it syncs.

    Then it says, after done syncing, to use the 'grow' command to max size after replacing all the drives with the new bigger ones. This assumes one raid partition.

    For raid 1, software, bootable, with two raid devices I guess you could grow one a bit in size and then grow the other to max.

    Seems scary...anyone here ever actually do this?

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