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    Arrow how to add adsense in php forum?

    i want to know that how to add adsense in php forum.yuo can make forum free on and tell me how to add adsense ads in threads and every reply?

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    Um... doesn't seem to load

    Adding adsense at the top and maybe in thread replies requires modification/a plugin and is dependent on the forum software you choose.

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    Its depend on your Forum software brand.
    but all forum developers will have their freeware plug in directory. if u need adsense, better to use a plugin for that,
    it will decide where the available placec, and ad theme, channel, and ad type. u dont need to edit any codes.
    ( or may be u have to put any codes like " [ad sss ][/ads sss] "
    thats all. its safe.
    if you need any further help, ask me.

    Quote Originally Posted by earn4free View Post
    i want to know that how to add adsense in php forum.yuo can make forum free on and tell me how to add adsense ads in threads and every reply?

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    Which Forum software are you using? It will better help us answer in the right way.

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    If you are using phpbb forum then to add adsense. Go in your templates folder then find the index_body overall_header all you need to do is edit them to files with html editer.
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    it depends on what script ur using, although u can always modify or tamper with... PHPBB, Invision or Vbulletin have are easy to add to it, and has alot of tutorials, google it..

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    You can simple modify header.php file of your forum in order to add Google Adsense in the header of the page..while for the sidebar you can check with the forum functionality and use the features of it like widgets, hacks or code modification..

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    Both SMF and MyBB have ad management plugins/mods that are ideal for Google Adsense. They install with one or two clicks and are easy to set up.
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