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    What are the risks with unmanaged VPS?

    I am in the negotiation with some hosting providers for VPS hosting but the packages I am choosing they are unmanaged VPS

    I want to know what are the risks with unmanaged VPS?

    For example if I run my forum on an unmanaged VPS then it will be very easy to hack? or some other things are involved.

    VPS servers are not like shared hosting? that we just order a plan and hosting company setup everything and give us ID and password and then we can just login and upload our files? This is how I got my shared hosting account but now when I want to upgrade the hosting so that my sites should load fast and I should not worry about the resources shared by others, the hosting companies are telling me different terminologies like DDOS, Server Firewall, Hardware Firewall, IPtable rules...etc. I don't know anything about them

    All I know is "cpanel and how to use it, where to upload files"... that's it.

    I don't know how to do server installation, how to protect the server, what are the softwares to protect server, how can one enter into my server and what should I do to stop him......etc

    Please guide me about this.
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    If you're not sure how to properly manage a vps yourself, then you should either get a managed vps or a management service, otherwise you are going to run the risk of attacks and all sorts of instabilities
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    If you doesn't know how to manage servers, better go with a managed server or consult an outsourced server management company like PSM to manage it for you. If not, your server may not be secure and optimised for better performance.
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    I think you should look for the managed VPS. With unmanaged VPS you will find difficult as your webhosting provider will leaves the management upto you, and this means it is upto you to secure your VPS server and carry out regular software updates. But in Fully managed VPS hosting services will allow you to sit back and have all work done for you; your webhosting provider's support team should be able to do anything you want them to do on the server, which includes the securing of your server and the installation of any application. But if you want it for learning purpose then you should have it at your own risk.
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    I see. This is why the managed servers are starting from $40 at least but unmanaged servers are very cheap, starting from $15 per month.

    OK, I think I should save the money first so that when the right time come I should have money ready to pay for a managed VPS.

    Thanks for all your advices
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    VPS is just like real server and you ned someone to do the system administration work to take care of OS maintenance and of any other applications on the virtual server. Of course it is easier to manage VPS and dedicated server and you would agree with your web host to pay VPS management fees on quarterly basis or something like that.
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    Management abilities are a bit like a diamond's price tag, if you have to ask you can't afford it. So if you have to ask you can't manage it.
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    If you only know cPanel, you are going to have to go with a managed provider. When cPanel breaks (it happens all the time), you need to be ready to fix it and other things via the CLI (command line interface) via SSH.

    Go managed or go home. I've seen managed providers start as low as $20-$25 but I think you need to ask them what is included in their management packages before signing up with them.
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    Just remember that you are taking a risk running on an unmanaged account when you really don't know how to admin it. If you're not running anything important and downtime is OK then go for it, you'll learn alot. But if you really depend on this I would try a solid budget host with managed accounts. Take a look at the offers section then search for reviews on anyone that catches your eye.

    Good luck.

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    Well, there are many server management companies, they can maintain your VPS and data is secure, cost may be $30 or even less.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WaferVPS View Post
    Management abilities are a bit like a diamond's price tag, if you have to ask you can't afford it. So if you have to ask you can't manage it.
    Perfectly said.
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    If you don't know what your doing, your in for some headaches.
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