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    Client web site building tools (click and go) for hosts?

    Are there any sophisticated and inexpensive click-and-go web site building tools which are available for purchase or licensing for "small" web hosts? Besides H-sphere (I am aware of that).

    What are these people using?
    It looks good for small businesses - is it their own or licensed? Verisign also has a similar web building tool. These people are charging anywhere from $29.95/month to $99.95/year but I am not sure how many suckers are actually paying for it.
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    have you tried or im sure i saw some FREE (or cheaper) website building scripts somewhere on those sites last time i was looking.
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    trellix, resold by, among others (I believe)

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    Originally posted by ghost3
    trellix, resold by, among others (I believe)
    Trust me Trellix is not cheap. We use it and it costs a min of $750.00 just to get started. There are additional costs also involved with using it. However if you can afford the initial costs then it's well worth it.

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    We got started up for a lot less than that. It was a promotion, though.
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    Look on I think they might have some solutions.

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    I would be interested in this as well. I am a few days away of getting my first server for webhosting and would like to offer a simple template driven website building tool. Web Edit Platinum (www.webeditplatinum) offers one but I would like to look at others. Their's is $449 for 20 licenses ( they have several license plans to choose from). Another solution I'm looking at is to cobrand or become an affiliate with BoxedArt ( for templates. That is a bit more involved though for someone who is not a web site designer.
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