We currently have the following offer soley for UK Virtuozzo VPS Servers!

Currently we have the CS-512 and CS-1024 at a special price.

Benefiting from a premium virtualization management control panel based on openvz.

Setup within 12 hours.

Unmanaged - This means you are given the control panel details, ipaddress and password and the rest is upto you unless there is a technical problem that requires a support staff to grant permissions for the vps on the back end hostnode.

CS-512 UK

50GB Disk Space
512MB RAM ( Soft Limit )
1024MB RAM ( Hard Limit)
750GB Bandwidth
1 Ip Address

Choice of OS.

Order UK http://billing.mycs.co.uk/cart.php?a=add&pid=81

CS-1024 UK

75GB Disk Space
1024MB RAM ( Soft Limit )
2048MB RAM ( Hard Limit )
1000GB Bandwidth
1 IP Address

Choice of OS

Order UK http://billing.mycs.co.uk/cart.php?a=add&pid=85

Soft and Hard limit is the technical term on virtuozzo for the SLM management of Guarenteed RAM and Burst.

OS Choice

Centos 5.3
Fedora 9
Debian 5
Debian 4
Ubuntu 9.04

Hardware we use.

Minumum of a Quadcore 6660
8GB - 16GB Ram DDR2 800Mhz +
750GB Hard disk Raid 1

Our site: www.connectswitch.com - Sales enquiries http://support.mycs.co.uk