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    Open source hosting CPs +

    Speaking primarily of open sourced to low costs control panels, similar in functionality to virtualmin / kloxo, and able to support multiple clients, I'd like to get some feedback on possible alternatives that are not so main-stream. There's always some jewel out there that seems to fly under the radar...

    I'm not looking for HyperVM / VPS management replacements, simply Linux based hosting control panels that support web, mail, dns, all the normal stuff.

    There are quite a few out there, but I don't want to download and try them all, and looking for input from those that have gone through the trial & error.
    What I'm mainly looking for is something that -

    a. runs on linux
    b. works, and is not abandonware
    c. can be synced to another server or servers for use in load balanced farms; does not have to support natively, but that can at least be scripted via rsync, db dumps / imports / syncs, etc.
    d. support creating multiple clients / domains, preferably w/ separate accounts

    Any input would be greatly appreciated. I'm planning on testing the "winners" and giving a report on how to use in HA / failover situations, so a give-back is planned for any effort.

    Thanks in advance.
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    As paid aiternatives - try DirectAdmin.

    Please post the test results here
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    Thanks for the post

    Just to clarify, the link has most of the "usual suspects", I'm primarily looking for "something else"...preferably that runs on most mainstream *nix (a few, like ehcp are specifically aimed at debian derivs). If it's cool, I don't mind testing and writing up docs at all for flavor specific CPs.
    But, the more generally adaptable, the better...most folks doing VPS / Dedi are using CentOS or a RH derivs, so that is my main focus. But, the more, the merrier.

    What I hope to get out of this post is maybe just one or two nuggets, that by virtue of maybe just being new, or otherwise has gone mainly unnoticed in mainstream CPs, will come to light.

    I know there are many VPS control panels in dev right now to replace the ill-fated LXLabs products, many new things are in creation, and with all the research, now is a great time to be asking such things. Folks are digging deep.

    With each one I find that is worth the effort, I'll definately post everything I can about individual HA / Cluster management (which will naturally include backup / restore methods for stand-alone installs).
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    BlueOnyx is at Completely free and open-source. Ongoing development, active community.

    For clustering, you can run it on Aventurin{e}. Not free, but relatively inexpensive, and darned good value.

    Maybe not 100% on track for you but worth a look, perhaps.
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    try webmin - it supports load balancing

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