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    Please Help - Dedicated Server Issues

    Hello everybody. Recently my partner purchased a dedicated server
    from Hivelocity but we had to move to a different server provider for certain reasons.

    I can access the server from Hivelocity where 46 of my clients websites are being hosted.

    Recently, my partner disappeared, and he's been gone for 10 days so we're having support
    problems and our web hosting site is down. I was on vacation at the
    time so I didn't have computer access and he wasn't able to share the login information to the
    servers with me. All of the money is still in our paypal, he hasn't changed any info
    (at least not that I know of, he might have).

    Anywho, I have access to the domain names so I can move all of the sites to new servers that I do have access to.

    The only problem is I can't login to my main websites cPanel ( - because I don't know the login info, he must've changed it)

    So, I can't login to the cPanel to generate a full backup.

    The only thing I do have is access to the Hivelocity server where the whole website is.

    The reason I can't just download this website and transfer it to a new server is because I have WHMCS so I need the SQL and everything for that.

    Is there anyway I can move my site to a new server with what I have without using cPanel and KEEPING the SQL and stuff.

    Is there anyway I can get it from the Hivelocity WHM login for the server?
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    Are you listed as the billing contact with HiVelocity? If not, there is nothing you can do. If you are, I'm sure they can help you out. Give them a call.

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    You mentioned you have access to the whole server but not for specific domain?

    Why don't you just copy it using the root access or reset the password for the specific domain?
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    I'm not but I do have access to the server. I'm in WHM right now and I'm talking to support.

    He's checking it out for me.

    My only problem is I need to backup all of the sites WITH the databases in phpMyAdmin and stuff... I can't do that if I just download the websites via FTP

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    Okay I just used WHM to configure a backup and now I'll just wait for that to backup.. then I can upload them to a different server.

    This will work yes?

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    You can still make an SQL back up within the server. Just go into the directory with your database and manually remove it. Then, you can manually put it back in on your new server.

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    Sorry to sound harsh but how you support your clients if you can't backup your own site with root access?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Buyhttp-Mike View Post
    Sorry to sound harsh but how you support your clients if you can't backup your own site with root access?
    It sounds like his partner handled Support, who has now disappeared. - High Bandwidth Specialists - 100TB/1Gbps/10Gbps Unmetered/CDN/DDOS Protected
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    I am a client of CreativHost, so do I have something to worry about? Do I need to find a reseller hosting service similar to yours, CreativHost, because of these issues? I have taken screenshots of each time the site went down & I really don't feel comfortable staying if this is something your customers must be exposed to.

    I believe this would be in clear violation of your Terms and Conditions & would entitle any individual with you to have their fees refunded for their yearly billing period. I know PayPal wouldn't look kindly to something like this.

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    If anything. he's helping his clients out, after his partner has went poof!
    so, i don't think some of the things on this topic is really needed.

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    I think it's entirely valid. Yes, it's unfortunate that his partner skipped out on him. But maybe he should look into legal & technological protections that would decrease the likelihood of this happening in the future. Heck, I'd even give him free legal advice & references! Point being, yeah life in webhosting ain't fair, but clients of CreativHost shouldn't be subjected to this & not have any recourse.

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    I don't understand, if you have access to WHM, why can't you just change the password for the main domain?

    And if you have root on the server, there is endless possibilities that you can download your files/databases.

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    Are there any other CreativHost clients on these forums who is as concerned as I am? Their website is still down & it's only a matter of time before someone files a legal claim against them.

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    Good Luck with the legal claim and all. because that will not work

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    If you have root access to the server it is fairly easy to backup the server. What I would do in this situation is rent a new server and transfer the files from the old one to the new one. I would do it quick before the server billing cycle comes and becomes expired.

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    do you have root access? whm and shell should be good.

    There is alot of talented people here at WHT im sure many are willing to help, but legal claims are abit hard to pursue.
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    CreativHost, what is the status of your issue?

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