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    Testing VPS Performance

    In other of the other threads here, I noticed UnixBench was mentioned to test the speed of a VPS. Is this a good tool to use, or are there others that might be better? I was going to try testing some of the VPS systems that I administrate. Some are Linux, and some are FreeBSD. Because of two different OSes, would this cause the results to look different?

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    - Unixbench is largely a test of 'burst' characteristics (i.e. potential maximum performance)
    - RAM has little effect
    - Unixbench-WHT variant has increased I/O weightings (i.e. File tests)

    I guess using it would be a starting point, as long as you are aware some platforms are configured to be very 'bursty' which does not always indicate typical performance. Though from what I remember reading the results thread the FreeBSD performance is some way off I'm not sure as I haven't tried it.
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    *shrug* unixbench seems to work fine for us on FreeBSD. Although, it depends on the restrictions placed on your VPS or jail.
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