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    VPS or Normal licence? - Cpanel

    Hello. I'm having trouble finding out what licence I need for Cpanel.
    I have Cpanel installed on a virtual machine within my windows vista.
    Does this mean I need a VPS licence?

    Just making sure.
    Thanks for the help!

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    When you install it, look in the top corner left hand corner of WHM it will tell you which license to obtain - it will probably be VPS.

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    I can't get into WHM to see.
    It comes up with the "Thank You for installing cPanel / WHM." page.
    Is there any harm in just buying the VPS licence?


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    Yes you need a VPS license.
    Dedicated ones are for servers without any virtualization.

    But is the OS in the virtualized environment a windows one or Linux.
    For windows you will have to use Enkompass by cPanel
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    Its a Linux operating system.
    Thanks a lot for the help!

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    Signup for a trial license at cPanel, when you then login to WHM it will show you the license type

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