I have been in the hosting industry for Six years now. I started designing websites locally when I found that all of my customers needed hosting. Soon after I was managing several hosting and reseller accounts on multiple servers. I have experience in shell without control panels, as well as a great deal of experience with control panels. I am comfortable providing level 1, 2, 3 (admin) support via email, phone, live chat, forums, ticket/helpdesk interfaces, AIM, ICQ, etc., by working with a team, or being a team leader or just being part of a team.
My experience ranges from support level 1 to level 3 admin tasks and support for shared, reseller and dedicated server users to installing and configuring things such as kernels, web server configurations, limits and security settings, to tweaks, fixes, upgrades and additions. Below I have provided a brief description of my experience.

Linux: (L.A.M.P.)
- Centos, Fedora, More
- Kernal (upgrade, patches, ect)
- Apache, Mysql, ProFTPD, PureFTPD, SNMP, SSL
- Bind, Pop, Exim, IMAP, SMTP
- PHP, Pearl, Html, Java
- IPtables, APF CSF
- Proccess monitoring, tracking abuse issues(attacks, spam, ect)
- Cluster Management
- To broad to list all.

Windows Server Level 1 Only:
- Windows Server 2003
- IIS (restarts, upgrades ect.)
- MSSQL, ASP, ColdFusion, More
- File management
- Cluster Management.
- ASP .NET (installs, upgrades, basic trouble shooting, ect)
- More

Control Panels:
- Cpanel/WHM
- DirectAdmin
- Plesk

- Modernbill
- Kayako (including chat)
- WHMCS (including installation and error troubleshooting)
- ClientExec (including installation and error troubleshooting)
- Blesta (including installation and error troubleshooting)

- Fantastico and most anything that comes with it.
- OsCommerce
- Wordpress
- Sugar CRM
- Multiple Video CMS systems
- To broad to list all.

Please email me at techforhire14 ({@}) gmail.com for more information.