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    Review: DownTownHost

    I've just bid farewell to my hosts DownTownHost. I've been with them for 3 years and during that time they have been excellent.

    I remember when I was first starting to use them I had tons of questions - all of which were answered patiently. Then I wanted to add a domain (at the time very confusing) and they patiently dealt with me then too. There has been a tiny bit of downtime, but I think that's to be expected and it was only once really noticeable.

    I've recommended them to a friend who runs his business sites off them and they have worked well for him too. They are noticeably faster than my friends who (badly) chose to go with GoDaddy.

    They are friendly and helpful guys providing a great service. I wish them all the best in the future, and have no hesitation recommending them to people who need the specs that they provide.

    My requirements are much lower now and I have switched to GeekSRV where Ed and Terri have already provided some excellent service, and I'll report back on how they are doing in a month or two!

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    Thats great to hear a past customer leaving not on bad bases and already found a company that will do them well in the future.

    Keep us updated on GeekSRV would like to know if there support carries on.

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    I've just bid farewell to my hosts DownTownHost.
    Please share a domain that you've been hosting with them. If you prefer not to make it public you can just send it to the moderating team via

    Thank you!

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    Thank you for review, and good luck with your new host!

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    I was hosting three sites in total with them, one of those was

    I've let admin know all three sites I was hosting.

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    Thank you for the additional domains magicrichard. One of them is still pointing to your DTH account and has been doing so for at least a year.

    Thank you again for verifying your review!

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    Oooh, glad to hear your good experience, and leaving on good terms, that's great

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    well i have heard Downtown host is a good host and never has bad reviews :p
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    I gotta say, much respect for DTH now. I see great reviews, and to see one from someone on the way out. Jedito you must be running a solid ship. Thanks for the review magicrichard! Come back again and tell us about GeekSRV in a few months.
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    Thanks for your review on DTH mate. Always it is a good news to hear if you are satisfied with a provider. Give us updates on your new providers as you said. Have a nice hosting with them too.

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    Thanks for your review.Glad to hear you were happy with them.

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    Hello Richard

    We sorry to see you go, unfortunately I saw your message too late after that you already signed up with a new host, because are always open to work with our customers in case that they needed, specially for customers like you that were with us for many years. We appreciate your kind words on this thread and we hope the best of luck with your new host.
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    great review. just in time for my new hosting.

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    Thanks for the review. Let us know how it goes with your new host.
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