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    New outlook message but not new iphone message

    I have a strange issue going on here and I'm hoping someone has some insight. Here is a summary

    An email is sent to an account which goes through perfectly fine. Microsoft outlook picks up the message perfectly fine as does an iPhone. The problem is that the message does not show up as a "new" message on the iPhone. The when I go to the iphone mail application it is showing the message is already read. Do you have any idea why they are being marked as read by the server and/or outlook?

    Server: cPanel 11.24.4-R36167 - WHM 11.24.2 - X 3.9 CentOS 4.7 i686
    Outlook: 2007

    In the advanced settings of outlook I have the box checked "leave copy of message on server" and I don't have any "rules" in outlook associated with this account.

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    When you download the message and leave it on the server, it marks it as read. You may want to switch to imap so you can sync it.
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    I have an account with godaddy that is not set up in outlook and/or iphone for imap and this does not happen there.

    Its the exact same outlook and iphone but for some reason only the one on my server (not go daddy) is having this strange issue. Any other ideas?

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    Anyone else have any ideas on this?

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    I have this issue as well, and I mainly learn to deal with it.

    Basically, if you are using Maildir format (and pretty much most everybody is these days), new messages are listed in the ./new folder, where as read messages are located in the ./cur directory.

    So when Outlook is getting the message, it is causing the mail server to move the message from the ./new folder to the ./cur folder, which is telling the client "hey this is an already read message".

    Is there a way to fix this behavior? I don't know... but that is the reason behind why it is happening.

    Maybe switching to IMAP on the outlook side would help fix things (as ServerManagement suggested).
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    Why does it only happen on our server but not with godaddy server? Are they using a different software something along those lines?

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    It's very possible that godaddy is using mailbox files instead of maildir format. That could lead to the different behavior. - Fast. Reliable. Affordable.
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