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    Football Souvenirs Shop for sale for sale

    "football souvenirs", google 5 -7 position
    Page Rank 3
    more then 1600 products submitted
    Original title and description for each product ( not copy/paste from dropshipper)
    9 Crossell products submitted for each

    Around 100 original visitors and 250-300 pageviews daily

    Powered by zen-cart


    Zen-Cart performance (commercial)
    RSS Feeds
    X Sell
    Google Sitemap
    Google Base
    Live Search Feeds
    Yahoo Feeds
    Back in Stock notification
    Newsletter Submitter
    Zen Lightbox
    eBid feeder
    Ultimate SEO URL's
    Testimonial Manager
    FAQ Manager
    Top menu
    CSS Menu
    Skype live help
    Best Sellers Center Box
    Extra RSS News Pages for premiership Clubs

    meta tags submitted individually for each product.

    and some more (don’t remember )

    Shipping rates and products optimised to

    Price 500 for website (no hosting but offer full installation and make to your host and first time advises) and including worth 80 merchandise:

    Birmingham City Beach towel
    Liverpool face flannel
    Liverpool Flag
    2 x West Ham egg cups
    Manchester City mouse and mouse mat set
    Manchester United embossed wallet
    West Ham claret slippers size 1
    England FA mini ball
    West Ham skills ball

    If you have offer please mail me [email protected] or send PM

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    Site Sold.

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    what was the name of the football souvenirs shop you sold?

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