I met the guys from Pinnacle Cart in Parallels summit in Vegas this year and since then I haven't found even a day or two to focus on their solution and to learn more about it. We are using a number of excellent shopping cart software, but I'm looking to add something new. Now one of our developers is looking to implement Pinnacel cart to some customer's websites.

I have 2 questions for you.

1. Code! Do you if the code of this shopping cart is easy to work with? For example Zen cart is a good solution but working on site code is a pain.

2. Templates. We are looking to provide as many design templates to customers as we can. So my questions to those who used the solution is if it is easy to find or design and add templates to Pinnacle Cart? I've seen that the vendor gives a full access to source code, but does it mean they provide a template engine or any other easy way to integrate design elements into the code?

Thank you for your time